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Public Communication Campaigns
from around the world 

    Students in International Public Communication elected to try their hand at creating a final "web project" instead
    of writing a traditional final paper.  For many, this was their first attempt. Their projects profile examples of corporate,
    social, and political communication campaigns from around the globe. 


Country Case Studies: Armenia, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Japan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Poland, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Taiwan (Republic of China), Turkey, Venezuela, ,

Armenia Reporters Without Borders social marketing campaign to train journalists.
Author:  Ani Jerikian




Baharma's Promise a public diplomacy program by U.S. Mission Mentoring Program
 in collaberation with local business leaders to to assist disadvantaged youth.   
Author:  Angel May



Jante Chai Janate Chai (Would like to know, Would like to inform), radio magazine
to help adolescents understand physical changes in their bodies.
Author:  Matthew Taub



The Lilac Tent social marketing campaign to increase awareness of reproductive health.
Author:  Lindsay Strug



Projecto Bartender social responsibility and community outreach program by Diageo
corporation to train young, unemployed people in bartending skills.
Author:  Stephen Nightingale



A hybrid social marketing and participatory campaign to help families in the cities of Belem and Belo Horizonte.
Author:  Nathan Sprenger



Caring & Understanding Partners' campaign to promote healthy life styles and prevent AIDS.
Author:  Jessica Llewelyn



An example of the "shake-up" approach to social change by Mayor Antanas Mockus.
Author:  Claudia Durante


El Salvador


"I Educate," a program to better education in rural areas.
Author:  Jen Costa




Social marketing campaign on reproductive health to combat HIV/AIDS epidemic.
Author:  Ashleigh Spiller




Audi corporate campaign for website design
Author:  Jarrett Camarda  


Hong Kong


Government campaign to promote awareness of avian influenza virus and prevent its spread.
Author:  Heidi Vidal




Telecottage Movement to provide access global communication technologies to local Hungarian
communities as a vehicle for strengthening democracy.
Author:  Whitney Eaton




National Youth Council social marketing campaign to promote gender equality.
Author:  Erin O’Malley




The "Gate Project," a social marketing campaign and urban development project for Porta Palazzo in Turin.  
Author:  Michael Phillips


Ivory Coast


Ivory Coast  
Author:  Emily Hartman




SONY Corporation partnership on environmental campaign to combat global warming
Author:  MacKenzie McGrath


Government campaign to reduce suicide rate of middle aged businessmen.
Author:  Carlos Arroyo

  UNICEF Speak Out campaign to encourage youth to become more vocal in social
and political issues.
Author:  Bradley Peskins




Social marketing campaign to educate rural Kenyan adolescents about reproductive health.
Author:  Laura Bonavia



World Bank research study
Author: Ray Stankiewicz



Customers Relations Management (CRM) approach used by MobiMak that has helped this company maintain as one of the most successful and profitable businesses in the Republic of Macedonia.
Author:  Jasen Zubcevik


Malta Social marketing campaign to tackle the problem obesity.
Author:  Kimberly Hondry
Mexico Chiapas Media Project participatory communication campaign to increase awareness
of plight of  indigenous population.
Author:  Jessica Shaffer




Grand Prix image and tourism campaign
Author:  Roopa Purohit  




Social marketing campaign by Women on Waves, an organization that visits countries where abortions are illegal.
 Author:  Lindsy Pietroski




A new website created for Qatar's "first lady," Her Highness Sheika Moza
Author:  Scott Miller




Urunana, an educational radio drama, aimed at educating people about serious health issues.
Author:  Jennifer Bartosek




National branding campaign to promote a country with "Everything Under the Sun."
Author:  Annie Person


Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabian public diplomacy campaign to improve relations with America after 9/11.
Author:  Jihane Ayed



U.S. public diplomacy efforts to reach Saudi population through State Department websites.
Author:  Julianna Evett    


South Africa


Health campaign to raise AIDS awareness.
Author:  Audie Simon




McDonald's social responsibility campaign
Author:  Devon Hylander



e-Democracy internet social marketing campaign to increase voter participation.
Author:  Alicia Brewster



Population Services International social marketing campaign on HIV/AIDs and SIDS
Author:  Valerie Kramer

"Paper doves for Peace," more than 65 million oragami doves were made to stop civil unrest. 
Author: Stephanie Vanonese




Tiawan  (Republic of China)
Author: Kelly Beaty
Turkey Turkish Family Health and Planning Foundation campaign on family planning and health communication.
Author: Amelia Pape



Public diplomacy campaign to promote country's image.
Author:  Christine Prefontaine