Critics on Yellow Journalism

Purcahse from[Campbell’s] research is comprehensive, his assessment keen. Campbell pricks flawed generalizations that have misrepresented the Yellow Press since historians first identified it as a distinctive period in U.S. media history.

Because of Campbell’s work, almost everyone who has written about the period … will need to revise what's been said before. This work is that significant.

American Journalism

Combining content analysis with archival research, this study...challenges several popular misconceptions about this era of American journalism, particularly the charge that yellow press coverage propelled the United States into the Spanish-American War.

… Moreover, the author argues that yellow journalism had a more lasting impact on the American press than is commonly realized, as seen in a variety of innovative news practices and layout elements that have been passed along largely intact to this day.

Harvard Journal of Press/Politics

Campbell demonstrates how careless research and sloppy thinking of journalism historians and others have perpetuated myths about a pivotal period of the American press.

Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly

Campbell's book seeks to be the definitive work about yellow journalism, from debunking myths that have been perpetuated for decades to identifying the lasting impact ... of the 'yellow' journals. In large part, Campbell achieves his goal by applying classic historical methods and content analysis to the 'evidence' available about yellow journalism.

Newspaper Research Journal


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