The 36-th ASA Quality and Productivity Research Conference

American University, Washington D.C., June 10-13, 2019


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Data Science in Industry and Government, by Erica Groshen (Cornell University) Panel Discussion


A Sequential Stochastic Assignment Problem with Random Number of Jobs, by Yaakov Malinovsky (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), Alexander Goldenshluger (University of Haifa, Israel), and Assaf Zeevi (Columbia University) Session 2


Proportional Closeness Estimation of Probability of Contamination Under Group Testing, by Shelemyahu Zacks (Binghamton University) and Yaakov Malinovsky (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) Session 2


Power-Grid Controller Anomaly Detection with Enhanced Temporal Deep Learning, by Aswin Raghavan (SRI International) Session 4


The Analysis of Periodic Point Processes, by Stephen Casey (American University) Session 5


The Treachery of Images, by Theresa Utlaut and David Shykind (Logic Technology Development, Intel Corporation) Session 6


A Class of Purely Sequential Minimum Risk Point Estimation Methodologies with Second-Order Properties, by Jun Hu (University of Vermont) and Nitis Mukhopadhyay (University of Connecticut) Session 10


Will Big Data Kill Off Official Statistics? By Erica Groshen (Cornell University) Session 13


Every Day Text Analysis, by Mark Bailey (SAS Institute Inc.) Session 16


ALMOND: Adaptive Latent Modeling and Optimization via Neural Networks and Langevin Diffusion, by Yixuan Qiu (Carnegie Mellon University) and Xiao Wang (Purdue University) Session 17


Web Scraping-Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Disease Outbreak Detection and Information Extraction, by Yijun Frank Wei, Luca Sartore, and Nell Sedransk (National Institute of Statistical Sciences) - Session 18


New developments in modeling hogs production and growth at a finer temporal resolution, by Luca Sartore (NISS) Session C


Big Data Analytics: Dealing with Structured, Semi-Structured, and Unstructured Data, ASA One-Day Course by Choudur Lakshminarayan (Teradata)


Regression notes


Classification notes



Text Mining


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