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Search & Surf

Getting Started --

This site has a comprehensive overview of everything you wanted to know about searching on the Internet.  It can link you to about anywhere you want to go and tell you the basics as well.

Very general.  Very basic.  Nice place to start -- you can go from beginner to advanced. Also has a newsletter to keep you up on new search trends.

All Search Enginges has a full listing of search engines, some can be very narrow in focus.

University of Albany Libraries by  Laura Cohen (Network Services Librarian).
Excellent place to click and get an overview of Internet searching -- also discusses where to go for academic and scholarly sources of information.

Search Engines

I like Google, just for fun.  Especially like the "search within" option at the bottom of page.

For Super Quick research overview

 http://www.bos2.alltheweb.com/ -- I like this for very quick reference, also gives timed search

 http://mamma.com/ -- the "mother of all search engines"

Academic Directories
These directories have subject guides that are prepared by librarians.

Infosurf - maintained by the University of Santa Barbara -journals, organizations, links

INFOMINE - maintained by Unviersity of California libraries -- scholarly and selective

The Internet Public Library - maintained by University of Michigan -- large collection

Infotiger -- good sources, sound academic

The WWW Virtual Library - sponsored by W3 Consortium -- guides to academic subjects

About.com has editors that group quality material into different categories.


AlphaSearch is an extremely useful directory of  "gateway" sites that collect and organize web sites  that focus on a particular subject.

Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the Web. Links & directories.  Good for browsing.

Open Directory Project (ODP)
20,000 volunteers categorize web pages.  Good for links to research.

International Search Engines

Search engines by regions and countries

 Links to Search Engines by region (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin Am., Mideast, Oceania)

Communication & Just for Fun

Quick reference for public relations - organizations, publications, links

International media outlets - favorite -- E&P Media Links, Online Media Directory, contains media profiles for individual countries

All around help for journalism, from searching tips to direct links -- Journalism Net