ZAHARNA -- Outline for Case Profile

International Public Relations: Case Study

Introduction     (1 page / 3 para)
 - get audience’s attention - general overview about scope of problem
 - zoom in on your case study: where, what, who, when
 - This paper examines . . .

Background     (3-4 pages) Country Profile & Cultural Profile
 - present global scope of problem (1-2 paragraph)
 - give local impact of problem (1-2 paragraph)
 - present country profile (4 paragraphs)
 - present cultural profile (4 paragraphs)

Case Profile     (3 pages)
 - introduce again, what, where when who
 - goal (what was the overall goal of the project)
 - objectives (what were the specific objectives, steps to achieve)
 - time frame (when did the campaign take place, why this time chosen, how
   long did it last)
 - audience (describe target audience, why chosen, what special features or needs)
  - channels (describe channels [format or medium] used to
   communicate message to audience)
 - message (describe content of message, was there more than one message, what
   was the message appeal)
 - evaluation (was the campaign successful, how was the campaign evaluated)

Analysis        (4 pages)
 a - pick one of the communication models to analyze the campaign
 b - analyze the campaign using the country and cultural profile to discuss why
  the campaign “fit” the country and its people

Conclusion    (2 para)
 - summarize case study again and main findings of analysis
 - what next for future study

Reference List – alphabetically list works cited in your case study

Appendix – include any promotional materials related to your case study
** Article Review

Notes & Checklist

1-  select any article that relates to your COUNTRY, CULTURE,  PROBLEM, or CASE STUDY that will help you with any of the sections of your final paper

2-  must be a SCHOLARLY article (from an academic/professional journal and has an abstract, references, and/or scholarly authors)

3-  please ATTACH an extra copy of your article with your review

4-  give full reference citation at the top of your review (author, title, journal, date, page

5-  double-space your review

6-  in first two pages give detailed summary of important point in article

7-  in last paragraph (after two-page summary) tell how this article relates to your case study