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 Welcome. Welcome.

           Ahlan wa Sahlan.  Welcome.  This is the home page for Dr. R.S. Zaharna in the School of Communication, American University.
You will not find much graphics on this site. There is still a digital divide and many places around the globle still pay for internet access by the minute.Here's what you can find on the other pages of this site:

        HOME  you're already here. What's not here is my contact information and curriculum vitae.

        CLASSES  contains course syllabi and materials and student work.

        WEEKEND PROGRAM   contains information about the Master's Program in Public Communication for Professionals.

        RESEARCH  contains research I've been working on related to Arab cultural communication patterns, intercultural and international public
                                    communication, and more recently, public diplomacy.

        STUDENT PROJECTS  contains student web projects for intercultural and international public communication.


email: zaharna@american.edu