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Sex Sells!
This site features images from Sex Sells!, Rodger Streitmatter's most recent publication, about the evolution of sexual images and messages in the media, movies and television over the past five decades. Click on the chapter title for a list of the images in each chapter.

Introduction - The 1950s: No Sex, Please, We're American
Ch. 1 - The Pill and the Media: Spawning a Revolution
Ch. 2 - Playboy Magazine: Taking Pornography into the Mainstream
Ch. 3 - James Bond: Bringing Sex into the Movies
Ch. 4 - Jim Morrison of The Doors: Pushing the Limits of Sex in Music
Ch. 5 - "All in the Family": Bringing Sex to American Television
Ch. 6 - Cosmopolitan Magazine: Celebrating the Sexually Active Woman
Ch. 7 - Phil Donahue: Talking Sex on Morning TV
Ch. 8 - "Three's Company": Adding Jiggle to the Small Screen
Ch. 9 - Movies of the 1980s: Erasing Sexual Taboos
Ch. 10 - American Advertising: Pitching with Prurience
Ch. 11 - Madonna: Tackling Sexual Issues through Music
Ch. 12 - The Gay Nineties: Adam and Eve + Adam and Steve
Ch. 13 - The Black Nineties: Showcasing African American Sexuality
Ch. 14 - Semen on the Front Page: Bill Clinton's Sex Life Redefines the News
Ch. 15 - Youth Media: Shaping Teenage Sexual Values
Ch. 16 - Paying for Sex (on Cable): "Sex and the City" / "Queer as Folk"
Ch. 17 - Cyberporn: Bringing Sex to the World Wide Web

Ch. 18 - Reality TV ~ Crossing New Sexual Thresholds
"Sexual Literacy:" Understanding the Media's Sexual Messages