Currrent Teaching

  • Present 2014

    US National Security and Civil Wars

    The courses examines the causes of civil war, how it develops, and ways it ends.

    SIS 653
    US National Security and Civil Wars

  • Present 2011

    Terrorism & Counterterrorism

    The courses examines the causes of terrorism and ways states counter this violence.

    JLS 196
    Terrorism & Counterterrorism
    course evaluation 12

    JLS 396
    Terrorism & Counterterrorism | Fall 12 | Fall 13

  • Present 2011

    Research Methods

    This first course for graduate students teaches the elements of designing and executing social science research.

    JLS 680
    Intro to Justice Research I (Graduate) | Fall 11 | Fall 12 | Fall 13
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  • Present 2011

    Quantitative Methods

    This second research course for graduate students helps develop skills with data analysis and statistics with a focus on develooping an original research project.

    JLS 681
    Intro to Justice Research II (Graduate) | Spring 12 | Spring 13
    course evaluation> 12

    Present 2011

    Domestic Terrorism & Political VIolence

    We examine the different explanations and research approaches to studying domestic political violence. Additionally, we discuss different groups, ideologies, and events related to political violence and terrorism in the United States.

    JLS 596
    Domestic Political Violence & Terrorism

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