Henry VIII

Supremacy Act (1534)

An act concerning the king's
 highness to be supreme head of the Church of England and to have authority to reform and redress

Albeit the king's majesty justly and rightfully is and ought to be the supreme head of  the Church of England, and so is recognized by the clergy of this realm in their convocations; yet, nevertheless, for  corroboration and confirmation thereof, and for increase of virtue in Christ's religion within this realm of England, and to repress  and extirp all errors, heresies, and other enormities and abuses heretofore used in the same, be it enacted by authority of this  present parliament that the king, our sovereign lord, his heirs, and successors, kings of this realm, shall be taken, accepted, and  reputed the only supreme head in earth of the Church of England called Anglicana Ecclesia, and shall have and enjoy,  annexed and united to the imperial crown of this realm, as well the title and style thereof as all honours, dignities, pre-eminences, jurisdictions, privileges, authorities, immunities, profits, and commodities to the said dignity of supreme head of  the same Church belonging and appertaining; and that our said sovereign lord, his heirs, and successors, kings of this realm,  shall have full power and authority from time to time to visit, repress, redress, reform, order, correct, restrain, and amend all  such errors, heresies, abuses, offences, contempts, and enormities, whatsoever they be, which by any manner spiritual authority  or jurisdiction ought or may lawfully be reformed, repressed, ordered, redressed, corrected, restrained, or amended, most to
the pleasure of Almighty God, the increase of virtue in Christ's religion, and for the conservation of the peace, unity, and  tranquillity of this realm — any usage, custom, foreign laws, foreign authority, prescription, or any other thing or things to the  contrary hereof notwithstanding.