Probability and Statistics for Computer Scientists
The 3rd Edition

by Michael Baron

Supplementary Materials

Data Inventory

Data set Variables ASCII (text) format
values format
Accounts N Accounts.txt Accounts.csv
Antivirus X, Y Antivirus.txt Antivirus.csv
Attachments Size, Classification Attachments.txt Attachments.csv
Books Cost, Year Books.txt Books.csv
Chips Thickness Chips.txt Chips.csv
ConcurrentUsers N ConcurrentUsers.txt ConcurrentUsers.csv
CPU CPUtime CPU.txt CPU.csv
Efficiency Size, Tables, OS, Requests Efficiency.txt Efficiency.csv
Incentive Hits, Discount Incentive.txt Incentive.csv
Internet Speed, Provider Internet.txt Internet.csv
Intrusions Attempts, Firewall Intrusions.txt Intrusions.csv
Investments Year, Investment, Profit Investments.txt Investments.csv
Keystrokes Time Keystrokes.txt Keystrokes.csv
Pings Ping, Location Pings.txt Pings.csv
PopulationUSA Year, Population PopulationUSA.txt PopulationUSA.csv
PopulationWorld Year, Population PopulationWorld.txt PopulationWorld.csv
RandomNumbers U RandomNumbers.txt RandomNumbers.csv
ServiceTimes Time ServiceTimes.txt ServiceTimes.csv
Spam N Spam.txt Spam.csv
Symmetry N, Set Symmetry.txt Symmetry.csv
TestScores X TestScores.txt TestScores.csv
Weight Age, Weight Weight.txt Weight.csv